hand made products from recycled and sustainable sources

  • 63 pairs of jeans
  • 45 unwanted bags
  • as an habitual op-shopper I was truly shocked a few years ago when I realised how many of the things donated to op/thrift shops are immediately bundled up and sent to ‘recycling’; often to be shipped to other countries to deal with. so I decided to design a range of products made from unwanted jeans and bags that I deconstruct. my designs tend to fall into 2 broad categories: I block-print the harvested leg material to make cushions, bags and purses from (also using the zips I’ve unpicked from the jeans), and I then use all the pockets, waistbands, belt-carriers, sideseams and labels to create more one-off designs. everything in my store is made by me, and only me. everything used to make my products is recycled if possible – often the thread will be the only un-recycled material usual.