hand made products from recycled

and sustainable sources

as a regular op-shopper I was deeply shocked when I realised how many of the things donated to op/thrift shops are immediately bundled up and sent to ‘recycling’; to be shipped to other countries or even end up in landfill.

so when I started my own business I knew my priority was going to be finding sustainable materials. I decided to make denim my main fabric: it’s tough, has character and ages well (just like me!) it is also great to sew. there is so much denim out there that not even opshops can sell. picking apart the pairs of jeans is time-consuming but strangely satisfying – I really enjoy coming up with ways to use every part!

men’s cotton shirts are easily found in opshops – I use these for purse and bag linings. bags from opshops are also picked apart for their hardware and zips (I use jeans zips as well). everything used to make my products is recycled if possible – often thread is the only un-recycled material used.

another priority for my design work is to find classic beauty, elegance and durability in the process of recycling. I design and try to construct really tough easy to care for items that will last for ever and look even better if they ever need to be mended!

my designs tend to fall into 2 broad categories: I block-print some of the harvested leg material (pelts) to make cushions, bags and purses and then use all the pockets, waistbands, belt-carriers, sideseams, hems and labels to create more one-off designs, usually with a repetitive theme (like my tablemats made out of sideseams and my bags and satchels made from waistbands). everything in my store is handmade and printed by me.

saved from landfill since may 2020