gosh – stocks are low!!!

hi folks – after participating in the wonderful Craftlab22 as part of Heritage Week in Ballarat, my stocks are terribly low, and I apologise for that. I am undergoing foot surgery next week and so will not be making for at least 3 weeks. the good news is I will be up and at’em in time to create a whole lot of new products in very good time for the gift giving season.

did you know that before I start sewing a bag, purse, cushion or apron I need to pull apart the jeans I get from the op shops? I use a knife or scalpel to remove the belt holders, waistbands and fly zips, and then scissors to cut out the back and front pockets, crotch and sideseams; which leaves me with two wide leg pieces of denim that I like to call my pelts. these pelts are used as the base for cushions and aprons in particular and I often handprint this fabric using small vinyl stamps I design and carve myself. I then heatset the handprinting. this is only some of what happens before I start making my products.

anyhoo, once again, I’m sorry there isn’t much left on my website. I’ll post again when I’m back at my worktable. Cheers, Kerith

PS the best way to keep up to date with me is via my Instagram page: kerithholmesdesign@insta